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What is PayeCards?

PayeCards is U.K. based, globally regulated digital banking solution. It provides the most comprehensive, convenient, and secure banking solution available; through a far wider range of services compared to the biggest-name neobanks and e-wallet brands.

PayeCards’ extensive offering includes:

We’re flying!

PayeCards launched formally in September 2021 and is growing strongly. Monthly recurring revenue is approaching £50,000 and is expected to reach £100,000 by the end of the calendar year.

Investment Opportunity

We are now raising our Seed Investment round which offers investors an unparalleled opportunity to generate quick and substantial returns. If you’re interested, please register for our pitch deck.

Why Invest In PayeCards?

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Provides the most comprehensive digital banking solutions available

We know; we’ve benchmarked it

A first mover in digital currency banking

One of the first to market integrating fiat and crypto currency solutions. And we’re growing quickly!

Unique ability to serve higher-risk threshold sectors which are often lucrative customers

These sectors typically struggle to attain bank account yet often have higher transaction volumes

Best-in-class team

Experienced finance and technology industry leaders and management consultants

Early drawn down of return on investment

Investors can opt to receive their relative share of profits as a monthly return

Income Relief for U.K. taxpayers

We still have our full SEIS allocation remaining, offering up to 50% income tax relief (on invested amount*) as well as full EIS allocation remaining offering up to 30% income tax relief (*)

Invest in the Future

Invest in the PayeCards

Invest in your Future

PayeCards Full Digital Banking Suite

Full proposition – PayeCards offers a broad integrated system of banking solutions, from account set-up to service, for businesses and consumers, in fiat and crypto currencies.

Provided for both B2B and B2C customers unless stated

Product – PayeCards’ banking solution is accessed through a central interface and various solution sub-pages, offering a high level of engagement and efficiency.

Neobank Interface

Solution Ecosystem

How We Differentiate?

  • Freemium model (free to register)

  • Company owned payment gateway

  • E-Wallet with 30+ fiat and 29 crypto currencies

  • Money transfer in fiat 29 currencies

  • Higher risk sector account coverage

  • Offers a choice of card payment options (credit, debit and virtual fiat cards, and crypto cards)

  • Dedicated IBAN that connects to crypto

  • Fiat and crypto POS systems for businesses

  • 24-7 customer service

PayeCards Competitor Matrix

We're working to support smaller investments, register for our

Pitch Deck and we'll keep you updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

A seed fundraise is the first public fundraise for a start-up. The capital is typically raised to establish a company or it’s product in a market. Seed funding can be provided by a range of investors in exchange for equity in the company.

We are raising money to launch our app and establish PayeCards in the UK market. The funds will allow us to develop PayeCards and focus on the things that matter, our customers and investors. Rather than worrying about expenses.

You must be 18 years old and a resident of a country where you are legally entitled to invest. If you decide to invest, you will be sent an investor questionnaire to complete. This will help determine who is or is not an eligible investor.

At present the minimum investment is £1,000. We’re working to support smaller amounts of £10 or more.

Our seed fundraise is now live, register to request our Investment Pack and a member of our founding team will reach out to you.

A return on investment is achieved if the company you have invested in goes on to achieve an ‘exit’ or profitability. This may happen if the company is bought by another company, if the company shares become trade-able on a secondary share market, if the company floats on the stock market or if the company issues dividends. If the shares are bought at a higher value than when you invested, you make a profit from your investment. Investment carries risk and the value of your shares may increase or decrease.

Register to download our Pitch Deck and a member of our founding team will reach out to you. In the meantime, please feel free to tell your family and friends about us too.