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Next level of convenience and security

Multi-currency account

As soon as you open an account we will issue a Direct IBAN in the name of your company. You can start collecting payments or funds from your clients immediately in a secure and friendly online platform 24/7. If your business grows outside of EEA, we can issue a SWIFT bank account in your name to accept and pay in more than 50 currencies.

We offer you one of the most comfortable and cheapest ways of payments - SEPA. It is as easy as ABC to make a SEPA payment. You just have to enter a couple of details: IBAN, beneficiary name, and the amount you wish to transfer. Click "SEND" and your transaction completed.
Protected account

Your account is protected by fingerprint, face id and password. Top level security is our first priority.
Freeze or unfreeze your card, any time

Have you lost your card? No problem, you can freeze your card operations with one click. Need to use it again? You can unfreeze it anytime you want.



Mobile banking

Payecards provides you with a European Bank Account - For Free.

  • Free IBAN account (EUR & GBP & USD) without deposit & withdrawal limits.
  • Fast SEPA bank transfers.
  • Send money to friends within seconds for free.
  • Virtual and Physical Mastercard & Visa Debit Card.

Buy and sell real cryptocurrencies

Payecards comes with an in-built, secure and robust cryptocurency wallet & exchange

  • Deposit and Withdraw Crypto via Blockchain
  • Buy & Sell at real-time exchange rates powered by Payecards
  • Send crypto to your friends in Payecards in seconds
  • Full secure and proven technology since 2019

Send money to friends for free

Send or receive money with Payecards by phone number or IBAN to your friends.

Multi-currency cards

Pay everywhere with a free Mastercard delivered to your door. Travel hassle-free and save on fees by exchanging money in-app

Currency Exchange

You can easily manage your currency exposure, pay international suppliers or collect funds globally in your preferred currency. Contrary to the Banks, we will not charge disproportionate fees.

Physical crypto wallet

On top of your banking, card and brokerage account we provide you with a fully secure crypto wallet which allows you to perform blockchain transactions (deposits & withdrawals), send crypto to friends or buy/sell and hold real cryptos with one tap!

The crypto feature is powered by Paye Wallet and Paye Voucher, two products which Payecards operates since 3 years and has processed millions of volumes without any security issues or loss of funds.

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